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Prayer Form

The Lord Jesus Christ Prayed every day and night to His Father in Heaven.  He also taught other people how to pray and gave them an example of the things we should pray for.

This prayer that Jesus taught us can be found in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 6: 9-13. Learn this prayer and say it every time you want to talk to God. As you get better praying to God and talking to Him, you will become more fluent and more confident.

You can pray for anything sensible, people who are ill or dying, there families, the marriage of a woman to a man, the birth of a child and many other things!

Praying with true and honest intentions always get results.  So then continue to work on your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and you will grow in faith and make God’s heart happy!  If you are new to the faith check out our Back to Basics Lessons coming soon!