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New Christians Time is running out, so don’t waste it, get right with God NOW!

If you are serious about becoming a Born Again Christian then say this prayer and mean every word, then begin to live the Christian life that God expects of all His chosen people.

Please Lord come into my life, in to my heart and strengthen my faith.  I accept You now as my Lord and Saviour.  I will never be afraid or ashamed to tell others about my new found faith and I shall learn Your Holy Scriptures and teach all those who are willing to hear and learn. Thank You for changing my life, I look forward to serving You now that I am Born Again in Jesus Christ our Lord.  A-men.

Now believe you are saved and trust God and He will never let you down.  You will now need the following things:

1)  A Bible:

You can buy a Bible at any Christian Book Shop or most book stores.  Alternatively, there are many free Bibles on the Web, you can read them online or download to your PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet, or Laptop!

Read Luke and Acts:” Finally don’t forget to pray to God every day and remember to ask these prayers in Christ Jesus Holy Name, and end prayers always with, A-men.

2)  A Church:

Look for a Born Again Christian Church!  If you are unsure we will try to find a good Church for you.

3)  Baptism :

The next thing you need to focus on after coming to faith is Baptism; even Jesus Christ and His Apostles were Baptised

We will cover Baptism in our Back-to-Basics Lessons coming soon on this Website.

God does see and hear all things, good and bad and on the Day of Judgement you and everyone else will have to give an account of how you lived your life.

Therefore, if you do sin accidentally, do not ponder on your mistake, just ask God's forgiveness and help, then carry on with your new found faith!  Don't allow anything or anyone to lead you away from Our Lord.  Remember always, Jesus Christ Our Lord is coming back very soon for His people, make sure you are ready and waiting.  

May God bless and protect you from all evil and lift you up in the Precious Name of our Lord Christ Jesus, A-men.

If you need further information to help you Walk with Jesus Christ, then contact us through the e-mail address provided at the top of every page! Yet while we were still sinners Christ Jesus died for us!  Romans 5:8 Jesus said, “You must be Born Again!” John 3:3-7